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The uTure Show is all about entertainment... but uTure is about so much more.
uTure is about community and wellbeing.


We all have days when we can do with some extra support to feel more confident. Thankfully there are plenty of great and free resources out there to help!

These resources come from all over the world, but feel free to try them all and see which ones suit you best.

There's a great exercise from the UK-based Prince's Trust to help you feel more confident about your own skills and strengths. We also recommend this great guide that Young Minds put together on believing in yourself and understanding self-esteem better.

There is a great video on YouTube from the USA giving 3 top tips to boost your confidence, plus there are lots of different things for you to read here to help you improve your self-esteem.

Headspace Australia also have a bunch of tips for little things to lift your mood if you've been having a hard time with your confidence lately.

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Mental Health

If you're struggling with how you're feeling, you're not alone. We all have mental health and it's okay to not be okay. Your feelings are valid, and fortunately, there are a lot of resources out there that can help you to manage them.

Much like before, these resources come from all over the world, but don't feel like you need to limit yourself to one region. A lot of the resources can be very helpful for anyone anywhere in the world.

Firstly, the UK-based charity Young Minds has text resources on how to support yourself or those around you, but if you prefer videos, there's another charity called Mind that has a bunch of informative videos on various mental health topics.

If you're struggling with your mental health and want to know what the next best steps are, there's an online screening tool from Mental Health America that will be able to point you in the right direction. There's also a helpful Jed foundation resource centre that provides essential information about common emotional health issues.

The Australian-based charity Beyond Blue also provides lots of information specifically around anxiety and depression that you may find useful.

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Wellbeing is all about doing what you can to make yourself healthy, happy, and comfortable in your own life. At the most basic level we're talking about getting enough sleep and maintaining a balanced diet, but there are lots of other things you can do to take care of yourself and boost your overall wellbeing.

We know that what works for one person may not work for others, so we've got plenty of resources from all over the world to help you find something that works for you.

For example, the folks over at the Lily Joel Project in the US have compiled a list of self-care apps and videos that you can check out if you're not sure where to start.

If you're keen to get up and move about more, wherever you are, there are videos online from both the USA and UK of simple stretches you can do at home, as well as longer work outs if that's your kind of thing.

There's also some great information online from Kids Helpline (based in Australia) on why sleep, exercise, and nutrition are so important.

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