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LazarBeam and Triggered Insaan Join The Show!

July 29, 2022

Both LazarBeam and Triggered Insaan will be judging for the first time on the uTure Show this weekend! Are you excited? 🤩

First, let's talk about LazarBeam, the Superstar Australian who has been on YouTube since 2015. With over 24 million subscribers across his channels it's safe to say that people love his content, whether that be for his hilarious reactions or for the epic gaming challenges he often attempts 🎮

Check out his YouTube story video below to find out more about him:

Not seeing the video? Click here to watch it directly on YouTube

Next, let's talk about Triggered Insaan, a massive New Delhi-based YouTuber who was actually inspired by LazarBeam to get into gaming. How awesome is it to see them now side-by-side on a uTure episode? 🤩

Triggered Insaan is by far one of the biggest YouTubers in India, and when you watch his videos, it's clear why. His humour and editing is top tier, and every video he puts out is a 10/10.

You can watch his YouTube story below to find out more about him and his rise to fame:

Not seeing the video? Click here to watch it directly on YouTube

In this Saturday's uTure episode, LazarBeam and Triggered Insaan join Lachlan and lilsimsie in judging the Fortnite videos made by our uTure contestants ⏩

Click here to subscribe to the uTure YouTube channel so you don't miss out 🎉

Make sure to also check out both LazarBeam and Triggered Insaan's own channels, linked below:


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