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Check out the Fortnite Mimic Challenge!

June 22, 2022

After a long wait, the first uTure challenge episode has finally arrived! This week, contestants had to undertake the Mimic Challenge in Fortnite, switching their gear every time they eliminated an opponent đŸ”Ģ↩ī¸đŸš

There was some great creativity displayed by all our contestants, from Ahrcéus' narrative story to Captain Deadmeat's use of silly string to make the challenge extra spicy đŸ”Ĩ

The question is though - did anyone manage to secure a victory royale? 👑 Check out the full video below to find out:

Not seeing the video? Click here to watch it directly on YouTube

Every week, the contestants with the lowest judge scores face the public vote, and this week those contestants were MrMike, Aspec, Melaprilia, Tori Creo, DragTrashly, and Cocoecake. 😨

If you're curious to know who was saved in the end, be sure to watch the Mimic Challenge results video below:

Not seeing the video? Click here to watch it directly on YouTube

Also, click here to check out the brilliant winning entry from Bengoesretro for this week's ASUS Republic of Gamers giveaway đŸ’ģ

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