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Fall Guys Bingo!

June 13, 2022

Fall Guys Bingo!

Fall Guys has just gone Free for All, so what better way to celebrate than by setting our contestants 25 different challenges in the game? 🔥

25!? WHAT!? 🤯 Okay, that's not exactly true - let us explain...

This week, contestants were given 5x5 bingo cards, with 25 unique tasks to complete in Fall Guys. 25 is a lot, but they only needed to complete 5 in a row to achieve bingo and successfully complete the challenge. Seems easy enough, right? 🤔

But wait.. there's more... 💀

Our contestants had the extra challenge this week of completing the task in front of a LIVE studio audience in the space of just ONE HOUR! So intense! 😲

Check out the episode below to see how they got along ⬇️

Not seeing the video? Click here to watch it directly on YouTube

Up for elimination this week were MrMike, Cocoecake, DragTrashly, and Skizzz. Curious to know who got saved? Watch the results now! 😱

Not seeing the video? Click here to watch it directly on YouTube

Massive congrats to this week's giveaway winner scoez (click here to check out their entry), and well done to all our runners-up who get unlock codes for the Pizza Nameplay in the Epic Games Store version of Fall Guys! 🎮

The giveaway may be over, but if you still want to give the Fall Guys challenge a go, you can click here to download the bingo card 🏆

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