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Are you ready to play Golf With Your Friends?

July 06, 2022

Whether you're a fan of golf or not, Golf With Your Friends is one of those games that's just always so entertaining to watch - and even more so when there's an exciting challenge involved! ⛳

This week, we saw contestants play the game with the setting for random ball shapes and sizes turned on, and the result - CHAOS! 💥

Golf wasn't designed with cubes and cylinders in mind, so expect to see a lot of crazy and unique moments in this week's challenge as contestants attempt to navigate courses in creative ways 🧠

Watch the episode below ⬇️

Not seeing the video? Click here to watch it directly on YouTube

Up for elimination this week, we had Mikeeey, MrMike, Cocoecake, DragTrashly, and Captain Deadmeat - and the results of the public vote are in! 🗳️ Check out the results episode below to find out who was saved:

Not seeing the video? Click here to watch it directly on YouTube

We had another ASUS Republic of Gamers giveaway this week too, and our winner was Random but Cool - click here to check out their entry! ⛳

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