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What is uTure?

uTure is a global gaming talent show on YouTube, looking to find the next generation of gaming content creators. Contestants will compete in gaming challenges each week, making content to try and impress our superstar judges, as well as you, the audience.

Can I still apply for the uTure Show?

No. Unfortunately, applications are now closed.

Further Questions: Privacy

How will my personal data be used?

Your personal data will be used in accordance with our privacy and cookies policy.

Are there cookies on this website?

Yes, we use necessary and analytics cookies, the latter only accepted if you consent to their placing when first visiting the website. For more information, please see our privacy and cookies policy.

Will you send me marketing messages?

Only if you agree to receive marketing from our partners, as listed during the registration process. You will only receive these if you choose to opt-in.


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